What if You Could?

Never again spend time looking for a missing paper in the middle of a lesson?

Find a way of organizing your papers that works for your needs?

Get rid of the piles of paper laying around your classroom?

Create systems and routines that keep you organized throughout the school year?

Here's How You Can Get Your Classroom Papers Organized

You've tried paper organization strategies of your teammates, instructional coaches, or things you found on Instagram. You have tried to just ignore the piles of paper and stuff them in a cabinet. 

But it's not working.

You don't need to save every single paper. You don't need to spend hours upon hours in your classroom just for the sake of getting your papers organized. You just need a simple system to getting (and keeping) your papers organized.

Imagine Walking Into Your Classroom Each Morning...

You know that feeling of coming home to a clean house after being on vacation? When you get to thank your past-self for taking care of your now-self. 

You walk into your house and the pillows are on the couch where they belong, the fridge is empty and ready for new groceries, laundry is folded and put away...It's one of my favorite feelings!  

 That's the feeling I want you to have every morning when you walk into your classroom. The feeling of an organized and welcoming classroom... free of all the papers! 

Introducing The Classroom Paper Organization Course

  • End the search for a paper or material while you are in the middle of teaching a lesson
  • Clear the stacks of paper laying around your classroom with the three step process to cleaning out your classroom papers
  • Learn how to keep papers organized with routines and systems
  • Organize RTI and IEP paperwork in a way that makes sense for you, your classroom, and your schedule
  • Create systems for organizing papers for your students...no matter how many classes you teach

Ready To Get Your Papers Organized?