Return to the School Year Confident and Organized

Get the steps you need to create the classroom you've always dreamed of- an organized, safe, and welcoming space that prioritizes your students' needs.


You aren't the only teacher struggling with these things...

  • You spend way too much time in your classroom and don't have much to show for it
  • Keeping your classroom organized is an extra responsibility you don't have time for
  • After working all day, you still take work home with you
  • Two weeks after organizing your classroom, it feels just as chaotic as before
  • Organizing your classroom sounds important, but you don't even know where to begin

I once worked with a teacher who got to work two hours before school started every day to prepare for the day ahead. Then she would stay one to two hours after school to grade, answer emails, attend meetings, and get her classroom ready for another day.

Maybe you don't get to school two hours early everyday.

But I bet you take work home?

Or go up to school on the weekends to "get ahead" but after three hours you realize you are no more ready for Monday than you were before you got there...

Make Leaving Work on Time the Norm!

“Since Kelly started working with me, my organizational skills in my classroom have improved 100%. I have a space for my lesson materials for each day of the week, organized by subject. I have completely reorganized my closets per Kelly's advice and now I can find things without spending several minutes looking for what I need. My teaching has greatly improved because everything has a place and now I spend more time teaching than stressing because I can't find something. My next organization to do is to re-organize my library the Kelly way making it easier for my students to find and manage our library books. Thanks Kelly!!!!”

- Teresa



Leave school at a decent time without taking working home?

Manage student behavior with positive reinforcement?

Create an organized AND well managed classroom?

Maintain organization throughout the school year?


Sure, organizing a classroom takes time and you have to know what you are doing so you don't waste all your time. But it doesn't have to be hard.

Classroom Organization is more than just a pretty classroom. It's your routines, management, and flow all seamlessly blended together. Once you get your routines and systems in place, your classroom organization is DONE! All that's left is staying consistent with practicing all the systems you put in place.

Yes. It's really that simple!



  • Practical tips and strategies for managing your time at school more efficiently
  • How to prioritize self-care so you can bypass that teacher burnout feeling
  • The must-have pieces of the classroom management puzzle
  • Easy and engaging ways to get your students involved in maintaining classroom organization
  • The steps you need to set up a classroom at the beginning of the year (or a quick makeover mid-year)
  • A system to build your class around that keeps it organized, safe, and exciting to be in

Course Curriculum

Resources to Help You Make Progress Even Faster!


  • You are struggling to figure out HOW to organize your classroom, where to start, or steps to keep it organized
  • Spending less time at school and more time with your family and those you love is a goal of yours
  • Functionality and practicality are more important to you than how "cute" your classroom is


  • Classroom Organization is not a major priority for you right now
  • You don't have the time or energy to go through the course and put the suggestions into practice in your classroom
  • You are looking for the perfect, Instagram or Pinterest worthy, classroom

“Thank you so much! I am a veteran teacher (28 years and could have retired already) who has been exploring new ideas this summer. I have enjoyed your website as well as the your course. Before school begins, I am looking forward to implementing your strategies and completely turning my classroom upside down, cleaning it out and starting fresh!”

- Andrea

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course only for new teachers?
Nope! In fact, most of the teachers who have already purchased the course are not new teachers. The framework is applicable to any teacher who wants to create an organized classroom. If you want to avoid the “I’m still missing things in November” or the “OMG I’m so overwhelmed feeling” then this course is for you- no matter your level of experience!
What grade level is this course for?
My experience is in elementary so many of the things I talk about are geared towards that group of teachers. However, I do have two specific modules for High School teachers on organization and management!
What happens if I don’t like the course?
Well, I am confident that this course will guide you along as you plan for the school year and create your organized classroom. I put in all my best knowledge, resources, and support into the content in here. But, if for some reason the course isn’t what you expected… just let me know within 14 days and we can issue you a refund! 🙂


You can find everything you need in less than a minute…

Everything has a home and both you and your students know where things go…

Leaving work on time becomes the new norm, not the exception…

It is possible...

Get started now!

“Oh my gosh, today I used your tips :). I started the grand task of organizing my cabinets. I put in three hours and I’m almost done with the huge task! I came in with a plan and now I feel calm and proud with the accomplishment. It was actually very satisfying to see what I had and to see what I do not use. I tucked away a lot of materials so that I can introduce them properly throughout the year! I’m super happy with how it turned out. Thank you for the tips and encouragement!”

- Ange Marie